About Us

BLK Luxe LLC., also known as Black Luxury Kulture, was founded in 2019 as an effort to provide lavish yet affordable clothing and accessories to the minorities of culture. In fact, this boutique was established to challenge the Black community to dare to be bold, dare to be true to you. But above all, this boutique was designed to enlighten, inspire and to normalize Black Luxury. BLK Luxe LLC. does not discriminate against any other racial ethnicity. We simply provide fashion, you bring the style.

In addition to our luxurious street fashion, we have also decided to launch our very own hair line: BLK Luxe Extensions. This inspiration came from our customers who challenged our CEO to bring more to the table. "We want a one stop shop", one of our customers told Queen. In response to the high demands, we now have top quality human lace frontal wigs on hand, as well as heels added to our boutique!